“As a DJO brand, DonJoy pioneered the concept of functional knee bracing over 30 years ago. We’ve led the profession of performance ever since by studying the body, listening to athletes, consulting physicians and pushing the envelope of innovation. Today, DonJoy braces are standard equipment for competitors in over 44 countries. They count on us to create world-class products, while medical professionals look to us for unmatched service and in-depth education. The result – complete confidence for those who wear DonJoy braces, and those who prescribe them”.
–  DonJoy Global

KAL Orthoses is a proud distributor of DonJoy bracing. Knee and ankle bracing is available for the following conditions:

1. Ligament injuries – braces available for mild, moderate and severe ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL instabilities
2. Knee osteoarthritis
3. Patellofemoral pain
4. Post op knee and ankle
5. Chronic ankle instability
6. Ankle ligament injuries (ankle sprains)

How do I know if I need a brace? And which brace is best for me?

Your physician or rehabilitation expert has suggested a brace for you. What next? The first step to success is booking an appointment. We will assess the details of your injury, and decide together which brace is most appropriate for you.

Braces are used for a variety of purposes. For example, a brace fitted post-operatively will have a different purpose than an athlete looking for some additional prophylactic support. The suggested brace may serve to increase stability during your rehabilitation training, or, may be offloading an area of recurring injury.

The bracing team at KAL Orthoses is dedicated to ensuring  that you are placed in the best orthopedic brace for your needs! An assortment of pre-fabricated and custom bracing is available.

Please contact the clinic for additional information.