Compression Therapy

KAL Orthoses is a proud retailer of the world’s leading manufacturer of Medical Compression Stockings, supplied by SIGVARIS Canada. Kelly Levac is a successful graduate of the SIGVARIS education and training program.

Why choose compression therapy?

Compression therapy is not simply a compression sleeve! The key to proper therapy is gradual compression, with 100% compression at the ankle, gradually decreasing up the leg. This is the treatment of choice for chronic venous disorders (CVD).

1 out of 2 people will develop some form of CVD in their lifetime! If remained untreated, deficient venous circulation will progressively worsen over time. Understanding the risk factors and symptoms of CVD can be the first step towards treatment.

Common Risk Factors:

  • long distance travel
  • heredity
  • 40yrs of age and older
  • prolonged sitting or standing
  • pregnancy
  • obesity
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • surgery or trauma
  • infectious disease
  • use of hormone medication

Common Signs and Symptoms:

  • swelling of the ankle and leg
  • feeling of heaviness and tension in the leg
  • pain or cramps in the calves
  • dermatitis
  • dry or weeping eczema
  • venous leg ulcers (or open wounds)

SIGVARIS compression is available in medical and non-medical grades of compression. Different lengths, material choices and compression strengths are additionally available.


SIGVARIS also carries a line of performance and athletic recovery compression socks! Train in peak performance, by improving blood circulation and oxygen delivery while you run! This results in faster oxygen and blood regeneration to your muscles, consequently reducing muscle aches and cramping.  Contact KAL Orthoses to learn more today!