Over-the-Counter and Custom Orthotics

Regardless of your orthotics being over-the-counter or custom, these devices can aid lower limb discomfort in a variety of ways.

  • Increase cushioning to painful feet
  • Decrease muscular demands
  • Increase proprioceptive feedback
  • Decrease abnormal rotation/movement of lower limb joints

Please visit the ‘Common Conditions‘ section of the site for a list of the common conditions treated in our pedorthic clinic.

Orthotics are used under two completely different conditions:

1. Your biomechanics are the underlying cause of pain!

You’re stuck in a vicious cycle, as every step you take the problem gets exacerbated. Your lower limb muscles and joints are overused, and are not able to tolerate the demands you are placing on these tissues. In such cases, orthotics serve to decrease muscular demands, and consequently decrease muscular fatigue and discomfort. Symptom relief is often quite successful.

2. Pain a result of a recent surgery, OR, biomechanics are altered post-surgery

Orthotics are used in these cases as a tool to aid throughout the healing process. Once the rehabilitative stage of your healing is complete, orthotics may or may not be needed.

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