Pedifix Care

KAL Orthoses carries a complete line of Pedifix footcare products. The following are some examples available in clinic.

If you are searching for an item not listed on the website, please contact the clinic. This is only a sample of available products.

Pedifix products for:

Toe Conditions
Heel Conditions

Visco-GEL Toe Protector

Provides relief of common toe irritations (blisters, ingrown toe nails, corns)

Metatarsal Pad

This pad serves to lift your distal transverse arch, relieving many different forefoot conditions. (painful 1st MTP joints, toe arthritis, neuromas, decreased fat pad…).

Toe Spacers / Visco-GEL Bunion Guard

The spacers are available in several different sizes and materials. These are most commonly placed between the first and second toe, providing relief of bunion discomfort.

This gel protection is available for both bunions (large toe) and bunionettes (baby toe). Protection is available with or without attached toe spacers.

Bunion Night Guard

This guard is worn throughout the night, allowing the big toe to rest in its proper alignment. This is available in several sizes.

Bunion Sleeve

This sleeve provides gel cushioning around a painful bunion, thus decreasing friction of the skin within footwear.

Heel Hugs

Heel hugs provide a cushioning barrier between your heel, and a stiff heel counter in a shoe.

Tuli’s Heel Cups

Heel cups absorp shock, and consequently reduce painful heel pressure. They can additionally serve to offload painful Achilles, and insertional plantar fascia pain.

Plantar Fascia Night Splints

Night splints are designed to keep your foot in a more flexed position, keeping your plantar fascia stretched throughout the night. The goal of such treatment is to reduce morning discomfort. Splints are available in different types and sizes.

Gel Sheets

Gel sheets are available for any area, as means of decreasing friction. These are available in sheets only, or within joint protection sleeves.