Clinical Foot Assessment and Biomechanical Gait Analysis

  • Static and dynamic weight-bearing assessment
  • Non-weight-bearing assessment (range of motion assessment)
  • Off-the-self and custom-made orthotic devices
  • Corrective or accommodative orthoses (custom devices)
    • ** Custom orthoses are fabricated from a 3D impression of the foot, casted in a foam box. For additional information on casting methods and fabrication principles, please contact your pedorthist **
  • Orthoses are manufactured by KAL Orthoses Lab
  • Onsite-lab for adjustments / modifications

Footwear Analysis & Education

  • Assess wear pattern of current shoes
  • Footwear education for each new patient – detailed description of appropriate footwear for patient’s foot type

Footwear Modifications

  • Lifts
  • Flares / buttresses
  • Rockered outsoles
  • Spot stretching
  • Custom-made Footwear
  • Custom-made Night Splints
  • Dorsiflexion night splint for non-weight-bearing only

** Some of these services are external to KAL Orthoses Lab. Additional
modifications are available **


  • KAL Orthoses carries a full line of Pedifix and Gel Smart products
  • The following are carried in stock: bunion guards, toe spacers, toe protection sleeves, plantar fasciitis night splints, Tuli’s heel cups, gel comfort sheets, metatarsal pads and heel hugs

Compression Therapy

  • KAL Orthoses carries a full line of SIGVARIS Canada compression therapy
  • Medical, well being, and sport compression therapy available
  • Several styles, colors, and material choices available


  • KAL Orthoses carries a full line of DONJOY bracing
  • Over the counter and custom bracing available
  • Knee bracing for ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, patellafemoral pain, and post-op
  • Ankle bracing for chronic instability, sprains, and post-op

Kinesiology Treatment

  • Soft tissue release
  • Various taping methods (the best taping method is determined at patient’s assessment)
  • Education on strength and stretching
  • Education on balance and proprioception
  • Rehabilitative program implementation when appropriate


The benefits of K-Taping include:

  • increasing proprioceptive feedback
  • increasing prophylactic support
  • increasing joint compression
  • promotes lymphatic drainage
  • decreases inflammation by stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the skin