Soft Tissue Release & Taping

Almost anyone can benefit from soft tissue release! This advanced massage technique consists of treating areas of muscle tension which applying muscle stretch. Many different health care providers may include this type of therapy into their already existing treatment protocols.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Release (STR)

  • stretches soft tissue
  • improves flexibility
  • alleviates pain from muscle tension
  • reduces pressure from painful joint structures

The Foam Roller and The Stick

The foam roller and the stick are two self-massage tools, which can achieve similar benefits to STR. The staff of KAL Orthoses can educate you on proper self-massage techniques to target painful musculature outside of the clinic.


Several different taping techniques are used in clinic. The benefits of taping include (but are not limited to) increasing proprioceptive feedback, increasing prophylactic support, and increasing joint compression. Additionally, k-taping techniques can promote lymphatic drainage and decrease inflammation by stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the skin.