Video-Gait Analysis

The Importance of Video Gait

Video-gait analysis lets us visualize the finest details in your gait cycle. This becomes especially important in runners, where the human eye may miss details of each stride.

You’ve been scheduled for a video-gait analysis… what can you expect?

Patients will be asked to wear appropriate clothing for running (shorts and t-shirt), and bring along their favorite pair of running shoes. You will be asked to run under three different conditions: running barefoot, running with footwear, and running in current (or new) orthoses. If you do not have orthotics, evidently this last condition is not viewed.

What’s next?

The three running conditions are videotaped while you run. Each video is pulled up on a screen, allowing us to break down the details of your running stride. Frame by frame we can examine (and discuss) your running biomechanics. If you are experiencing pain during ambulation, at this time we can make suggestions on how to proceed with treatment.


Following treatment, (footwear change, gait retraining or orthotics) a follow-up video-gait analysis is highly encouraged. This ensures that our treatment has created a positive alteration to your biomechanics, and, consequently ensuring decreased discomfort.

Can I request a video-gait analysis even if it’s not offering to me?

Absolutely! If you are a runner whom is not a KAL Orthoses patient, or simply a patient wishing to learn about your gait, feel free to call the clinic and ask for this type of appointment.