Referring Professionals

When a patient is referred to KAL Orthoses, the referring professionals and support staff may get overwhelmed with questions. The following information is designed to explain the patient process, fee structure and help answer a few questions.


1. Technical Assessment

This assessment consists of a detailed patient history, a static weight-bearing evaluation, a dynamic weight-bearing evaluation (gait assessment) and a non-weight-bearing evaluation. Once these assessments have been completed the appropriate range of motion and strength testing will follow. Each patient is educated to understand their condition, and only after is a treatment program implemented.

3. Follow-up

This 6 week follow-up ensures appropriate wear of the orthotic device, patient compliance to treatment programs and pain reduction.

2. Orthoses Pick-up

The off-the-shelf or custom orthoses are dispensed anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks following their technical assessment.

4. Adjustments

Minor discomfort is an acceptable symptom while getting accustomed to fit. Adjustments may be necessary to the orthotic when this discomfort develops into pain. There is no charge for these appointments, nor to alter the orthoses. Referring Professionals