Benefits of a Pedorthist

A certified Pedorthist is the only foot care practitioner who specializes in the assessment, manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances (orthoses) and footwear. Through analysis we find the right solution for each patient based on their unique qualities or symptoms. We also provide suggestions for proper footwear that is designed to best accommodate the orthoses.


Pedorthics and Kinesiology

Kinesiology, the science of movement, is an excellent compliment to the practice of pedorthics. As a certified kinesiologist, KAL Orthoses has the knowledge of applying therapeutic principles to enhance injury recovery. Stretching and strengthening programs are often implemented, along with various taping methods and soft tissue release when appropriate.

Clinical Lower Limb Assessment and Biomechanical Gait Analysis

  • Static and dynamic weight-bearing assessment
  • Non-weight-bearing assessment (range of motion assessment)
  • Stretching and strengthening programs
  • Off-the-shelf and custom-made orthotic devices
  • Corrective and accommodative custom orthoses
  • Orthoses are manufactured in our KAL Orthoses LAB
  • Onsite-lab for adjustments / modifications n Compression stockings
  • Bracing

Footwear Analysis & Education

  • Assess wear pattern of current shoes
  • Footwear education for each new patient – detailed description of appropriate footwear for patient’s foot type

Fabrication and Modifications

  • Lifts n Flares / buttresses
  • Rockered outsoles
  • Spot stretching
  • Custom-made footwear
  • Dorsiflexion night splint for non-weight-bearing only

Note: Additional modifications are available. Some of these services are external to our labs.

Video-Gait Analysis

All four of our clinics are equipped with video-gait analysis. A gait cycle has five important stages, where the human eye can often miss important biomechanical details. Video-gait analysis gives us the opportunity to breakdown each stage of the gait cycle, and further analyze a patient’s case when needed.