Fabrication Process


This is the only stage where a patient will witness a step in the fabrication process. Although we typically cast from a 3D foam box, there are also several other casting methods available.

Note: Other casting alternatives are available however we can only acknowledge insurance company requirements according to their demands. If your respective policy requires a different casting method, please discuss this with your pedorthist.

Plaster Fill

Once the cast reaches the lab, it is filled with plaster, which hardens over time. 


Once the plaster has hardened, the foam is removed, and the cast is cleaned.


Once the 3D dimensional model of your foot has dried, shell material is vacuum pressed to the model.

The fabrication details during the following stages are determined based on:

  • amount of control required from the devices,
  • amount of cushion needed.

Shaping, Posting and Finishing

The pedorthist decides these final finishing details according to the patient’s needs.